In the latest episode of “The Big Podcast with Shaq” from Playmaker HQ, NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal unveiled his fantasy starting lineup, featuring himself and fellow Hall of Famer Allen Iverson.

Shaq, alongside Iverson, crafted a formidable roster, with Iverson taking the point guard position and Tracy McGrady at shooting guard.

At small forward, Shaq opted for Glenn Robinson, known for his scoring prowess and defensive tenacity.

For the power forward spot, Shaq raised eyebrows by selecting the enigmatic Dennis Rodman, acknowledging his unconventional approach both on and off the court.

“[AI] at the one. I’m going to go T-Mac at the two. I’m going to give him a chance… At the three big dog Glenn Robinson. And at the four I’m going to go with, we need somebody crazy. I hate to say this name. Punk ass. Dennis Robin,” O’Neal said.

Sharing anecdotes, Shaq humorously recounted Rodman’s eccentric behavior, highlighting his unique blend of talent and unpredictability.

Despite his unorthodox methods, Shaq acknowledged Rodman’s unparalleled ability to dominate the game, particularly on the boards.

“This dude will come in the meetings at five 30,” he said. “Like you got to be there 5 30, 45 minutes to go out. He’ll come in with 40 minutes on the clock eating chicken and rice, not paying attention, doing in the middle of the meeting, take a cold shower, not paying attention.”

Reflecting on Rodman’s off-court persona, Shaq marveled at his ability to attract attention, even amidst his distinct odor and carefree demeanor.

“We go out first, then he’ll come out, give you 25 rebounds, stanking like a motherf*cker, put his clothes on and go to the club,” O’Neal continued.

“And had the baddest women I’ve ever seen in my life surrounded him hugging…Like he smelled like garbage truck water and he got models on him at the club. I was a party guy. I thought some party had something. But I ain’t never seen what I’ve seen with Dennis Rodman. I was actually mad.”