NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal recently celebrated Phoenix Suns center Bol Bol’s impressive first-half performance in a unique way.

During a recent game against the Boston Celtics, Bol showcased his skills by scoring 10 points in the second quarter alone.

In a characteristic display of humor, Shaq assembled a bowl of assorted cereals, accompanied by pouring of tea in lieu of milk, a clever play on words reflecting Bol’s distinctive name.

Shaq’s playful celebration was captured during a segment on Inside the NBA, where he expressed his admiration for Bol’s versatile skill set.

“Hey listen, Bol Bol has always had this talent… Like I’ve been saying before, he’s the first seven-foot-five guy t be able to do everything,” O’Neal said. “I know y’all talk about Victor Wembanyama, but Bol Bol has this ability, he’s the first one to do it.

“Playing great night now. They’re going to need him in the playoffs if he can continue to play like this. He’s playing great. I’m so happy for the kid. First seven-foot-five guy that can shoot the three, can handle, can make plays, can dribble the ball up the court. I’m so happy for Mr. Bol Bol.”

Despite a strong first half, Bol faced tougher defenses in the second half and was unable to replicate his scoring output, finishing the game with 10 points and four rebounds.

Throughout the season, Bol is averaging 5.5 points and 3.5 rebounds in limited playing time.