Kristaps Porzingis

The NBA playoff game between the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers was marked by Luka Doncic’s 42-point playoff debut record and Kristaps Porzingis’ questionable ejection.

Kane Fitzgerald, a referee who has officiated in 635 NBA games over 10 seasons, explained both technical fouls called against Porzingis that led to his ejection.

QUESTION: Why was Kristaps Porzingis assessed his first technical foul?

FITZGERALD: “He was assessed the first technical foul for throwing an air punch at the official in resentment of the call which per the NBA Respect for the Game Guidelines is an automatic technical foul.”

QUESTION: Why was Porzingis assessed the second technical foul?

FITZGERALD: “The second technical foul was for being an escalator to the altercation which was confirmed via replay.”

QUESTION: Is the situation — an automatic ejection in a competitive playoff game — given any consideration before calling the second technical foul?

FITZGERALD: “Like we said for the second (technical foul) we confirmed it through the use of instant replay that he was an escalator which is an automatic technical per the NBA standards. This being his second technical he was ejected from the game.”

QUESTION: Was the situation knowing that was going to be an ejection given any consideration?

FITZGERALD: “No, we applied the standards at replay.