Photo: Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images / Andy Hayt/NBAE via Getty Images via CBS Philly

Allen Iverson wrote his own incredible storyline with the Philadelphia 76ers, playing for the team’s faithful fans for almost 10 years.

The 76ers’ legend shared his thoughts on Ben Simmons and how the young Australian is “built” for playing in the NBA and the Sixers.

“If you don’t understand that they’re (the Sixers’ fans) the most passionate and the best fans in the world, and they want to see you do well, but they can be tough on you at times because they want a winner,” Iverson said on an interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Marc Zumoff.

“And it’s a lot to go into. A young person being put in a position to help a team win and it’s all on you. Not on the guys that’s there before you and older, it’s going to be all on you because of the talent. With the talent that God gave you, it’s supposed to be those type of larger expectations and I think he’s built for it. He’s proven he’s built for it. You can’t make any excuses because we already seen that he’s built for everything that the NBA has to offer. I’m just a big fan of him. I love cheering for him, just like the rest of the guys.”

The Sixers are moving closer and closer to the season restart in Orlando having all the players available and ready to compete for a championship.