Bradley Beal disagrees with the folks who think the NBA title will have an asterisk this year

He says competition will even be tougher.

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Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal does not believe the 2019/20 NBA championship winners should be discounted because of the unprecedented circumstances which have forced major changes where pro sports are concerned.

Many high-profile personalities are of the view that the upcoming NBA champions will have an asterisk behind their triumph, but Beal thinks it will be even tougher to win now that things have changed.

“It’s kind of like a whole new ballgame,” the guard said, per NBC Sports. “It’s almost like anybody can win. I think that’s why a lot of people are like ‘it’s gotta be an asterisk next to whoever wins.’ But I think it just makes it that much tougher.

Bradley Beal
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“I think it makes it an even playing field in a way. It gets guys back healthy for teams who didn’t have that during the year. It gives guys times to really rest and get ready to jump back into it.”

Bradley Beal is among NBA players who are yet to decide whether or not they will be joining their teams for the restart in the Orlando bubble. With teammate Davis Bertans already sitting out and John Wall still not ready to play, Wizards fans will hope Beal travels with the team to help them qualify for the playoffs.