Enes Kanter opens up on the message he is putting on the back of his jersey

Enes Kanter Celtics
Photo: AP

Enes Kanter has revealed what his message will be on the back of his jersey during the NBA restart. The Boston Celtics’ center will try to send a statement in the whole world with the word ‘freedom’.

According to what Kanter said on an appearance on CNN Philippines, the message will be referring to those that they have to fight for their well-being against any oppressive power.

The veteran big man has been on a long political battle against his home nation of Turkey, with Kanter serving as a critic of the current Turkish administration.

He has never been afraid to call out what he deems to be a dictatorship in his country, to the extent that it has caused him his citizenship.

A couple of weeks back, the 6-foot-10 center has revealed that his father had been in jail for seven years, because of Kanter’s conflict with the Turkish government.