LeBron James, Bronny James
Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images/AFP

At the age of 15, LeBron James Jr. or simply Bronny James is getting way more attention than his father did while he was the same age. Naturally, the game and development of the son of the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is followed closely. With LeBron’s oldest son entering his sophomore year in Sierra Canyon, ESPN national recruiting director Paul Biancardi shared his insights about how the father and the son compare.

Biancardi was scouting the three-time NBA champion while working as a college assistant at Ohio State. According to him, there are similarities between LeBron and Bronny but they are also different is some aspects.

“They are very similar at this stage when it comes to passing — both love to be facilitators and can impact the game with their unselfishness,” Biancardi said. “Bronny has played at a high level and has demonstrated that same affinity for dropping dimes to his teammates.”

One of the main differences observed by Biancardi is the approach to the game. “A main difference at the same stage is in their approach. LeBron would look to take over games with an aggressive style, both within his age group and while facing older players. As a freshman at the varsity level this past season, Bronny was surrounded by older, top-level talent and deferred more — which was smart. This will naturally change as he gets older,” he said.

Only time will tell whether Bronny can reach the same level his father did. But for the time being, he will be in the spotlight.