Corey Brewer Photo: Twitter / Sacramento Kings

NBA veteran and current free agent Corey Brewer wants to continue his career, as he believes that he has “a few good years left.”

Brewer didn’t play in the NBA this season after only playing 31 combined games for the Philadelphia 76ers and Sacramento Kings last season.

In a Q&A session, Brewer mentioned his agent has tried to help find a team to no avail.

“We had some talks with a few teams, but nothing really happened. My agent is still working on it, so we’ll see,” Brewer said. “I feel like I can still help a team and I feel like I have a few good years left. But you never know, man. It’s a lot of young guys now. But we’ll see what happens.”

Brewer turned 34 in March and has played for eight teams throughout his career, averaging 8.7 points and 2.8 rebounds per game.

He still feels like he can be a leader on and off the court.

“I can point out some things that can help the young guys,” Brewer said. “There are a lot of little things in basketball that guys really need help with. They only see the big picture, they don’t see the little things.”

Once Brewer decides to call it quits on his playing days, he has interest in pursuing a career in broadcasting and coaching.

“I really like broadcasting and I feel like I know the game, I can talk about the game and I can see stuff that normal people probably don’t see out there on the court,” Brewer said. “Also, coaching, it goes hand-in-hand. Because I can see the little things, I can help young guys and develop guys. Sometimes, a guy is a borderline superstar and they just need a little advice, a little help that can really push them over the edge.”