NBA veteran Corey Brewer had the opportunity to guard some of the best players in the world during his 13-year career in the league. He shared his impressions about defending the league’s superstars including LeBron James.

According to Brewer, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is unstoppable when he is driving to the basket. Because of that, he wants to get James to take jump shots.

“So, guarding LeBron, all day I’m thinking, “Please shoot a jump shot!” Every time. If I can make him shoot jumpers, I did my job. When he’s going to the rim — when he’s making plays for everybody else and getting his teammates involved — they’re gonna win 100 percent of the time,” Brewer wrote on Basketball Network.

Brewer also praised LeBron’s basketball IQ, saying it is the reason why he entered the GOAT debate with Michael Jordan.