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Photo: Twitter/Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the NBA, some even say the best. Naturally, guarding him is a huge task for any player. Corey Brewer, who spent thirteen years in the NBA, opened up about his experience guarding KD and what he did to make his life more difficult on the offensive end.

According to Brewer, the Brooklyn Nets superstar has a flawless game. Because of that, there are hardly any ways of stopping him.

Brewer’s plan is to try to bump Durant and get in his face all the time in order to make him feel less comfortable.

“Kevin Durant has no flaws in his game. It’s really hard to even say how you guard him because I never guard him the same way; you can’t guard him the same way. I just try to throw as many looks at him as I can and hope he’s having an off night,” Brewer wrote on Basketball Network.