Michael Jordan had his own way of motivating his teammates and pushing them to be better players. It involved lots of trash talking and even fights. Some say Jordan too mean and that his approach would not work today.

Danny Green of the Los Angeles Lakers was asked by Colin Cowherd what he thinks about the subject. According to Green, there is a misconception that the players today would not be able to handle MJ’s toughness.

“To me there’s no such thing as too much of, like too rough to me. From a player’s standpoint. He was tough on guys, it was a different time, it was a different era during the time,” Green said. “You’re allowed to be more physical, you’re allowed to have different types of flagrant fouls, different fights and still continue to play the game. I don’t think we get as much credit as players today.

I think a lot of us prefer to probably go back to the old school type of era of basketball or to be able to play a little more physical and be a little more mean. I think any of us can handle it. But it’s a different world now. It’s a little softer all around, not just the leagues. I think most of guys can handle it. Mike was tough but I think most guys could probably play with that. Some guys probably wouldn’t want to but I think when they understand a bigger picture and are able to succeed and win a championship they’ll be fine.”