Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr recollect the famous practice fight

Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Episodes 5 and 6 of ‘The Last Dance’ are in and the basketball world is sharing its reactions. But we already have a preview of episodes 7 and 8 that will feature the famous fight between Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr during practice.

The fight escalated as both Jordan and Kerr were very competitive and didn’t want to back down. It ended with MJ getting thrown out of practice. “I just haul off and hit him right in the f*cking eye. And Phil just throws me out of practice,” he recalled.

Later Kerr said the incident helped his relationship with Jordan:

“Today I would say that that punch helped our relationship, even if this can sound really strange! However, I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone. Personally, in that case, I think Michael wanted to test me and I replied. It is as if I have passed the test and, from there Michael has had more and more trust in me.”