Colin Cowherd says today’s NBA stars would be a ‘mental mismatch’ for Michael Jordan


Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports reacted to the latest episodes of the ‘The Last Dance’ that focused on the relationship between Michael Jordan and his teammate Scott Burrell. Some commentators called MJ a bully for the way he treated his teammates, while others described it as leadership.

According to Cowherd, today’s NBA stars would not be able to handle Jordan due to a completely different mentality, saying they ‘get bent on a mean tweet’, which is nothing compared to abuse they would get for the Chicago Bulls era.

“MJ scared and intimidated much harder, bad ass players in his era. Can you imagine MJ against the stars of this skinny jeans era. A mental mismatch. Guys today get bent on a mean tweet. MJ abused his own teammates,” Cowherd tweeted.