Isiah Thomas: “I think in Ja [Morant] we are watching the next generation of the great point guards”

Ja Morant

Ja Morant has a bright future ahead of him, says Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas. According to him, the 20-year-old Memphis Grizzlies rookie will be leading the evolution of great point guard play.

Via Sky Sports:

“I think in Ja we are watching the next generation of the great point guards that have been coming through our league. You have that group of Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, John Wall and so forth, but for the younger generation of point guards, I think Ja – who is projected to win the 2019-20 Rookie of the Year award – is going to be leading that evolution of great point guard play.”

Isiah Thomas

Thomas also pointed at the rookie’s unselfishness and sacrifice for the team success that makes him a great teammate and point guard. Another aspect of Morant’s game that ‘Zeek’ mentioned was his ability to improvise. “There is no better point guard at improvisation right now as a rookie than Morant,” he said.

Morant is averaging 17.6 points, 3.5 rebounds and 6.9 assists per game for Memphis and is the front-runner to win the Rookie of the Year. He is not only having a good season individually. The Grizzlies are exceeding pre-season expectations by climbing to the 8th place in the Western Conference and looking to secure a playoff berth.

Recently, Morant’s teammate Jonas Valanciunas spoke about him, saying the rookie will go far and achieve a lot if he continues working the way he is working now.