The chances of the NBA season being resumed in Orlando at Disney World are getting higher. It has been reported already that the location is a clear front-runner to host the remainder of the season. According to ESPN’s NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the emerging information is suggesting that Disney World will indeed be the site where games will take place.

“Everything is pointing toward a return of the NBA this season at a single site in Orlando at Disney World,” Wojnarowski said on ESPN’s Get Up. “Teams expect the league to tell them to start recalling their players as soon as next week. There will be a two-week quarantine back in markets. Some teams might go directly to Disney to start training or somewhere in-between. But the league has started to not only put the plans in place for return in terms of testing and safety, health-wise. But really digging this week into what that format is going to look like.”

Another important issue is the format of the resumed season. The NBA is focused on this topic this week. Several alternatives are being considered, per Wojnarowski. “Well, they’re still considering a number of variations, Greeny, everywhere form bringing all 30 teams back to just bringing the playoffs teams back to something in between. Less than 30 but more than 16 of the playoff teams. How many teams they bring back will impact the kind of format they’re gonna have.

Are they just gonna play regular-season games with all 30 teams and then go to the playoffs, play as many as they can that are left on the schedule. Are they gonna go to a play-in tournament and maybe have teams compete for the 7th and 8th seed go down to the 9th and 10th. Maybe they go as far as the 12th seed. They also talked about a pool play to get those final seeds of the Eastern and Western Conference group.”

The format will have to be agreed between the league office and National Basketball Players Association.