Photo: Peter Baba

In a recent episode of The Draymond Green Show, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green expressed optimism about LeBron James’ potential to secure another NBA championship.

Green acknowledged the current challenges facing the Los Angeles Lakers, suggesting that significant roster adjustments would be necessary for James to lead the team to another title.

Despite the Lakers’ current playoff predicament, trailing 0-3 against the Denver Nuggets, Green emphasized James’ ability to elevate his game and compete at a championship level.

“LeBron James winning a championship at the level that he’s playing at? Absolutely but I think some things have to be retooled and figured out and not with this current team I don’t think is possible but I don’t think it’s impossible for LeBron to win another championship,” Green said, via HoopsHype.

The Lakers, led by James, face a daunting task as they attempt to avoid elimination in the first round series against the Nuggets.

The defending champions showcased their championship caliber in Game 3, securing a 112-105 victory over the Lakers and extending their winning streak in the series to 11 games.