NBA writer David Aldridge joined sports analyst Chris Broussard to talk about ‘The Last Dance’ and his memories from the era. During the conversation, Aldridge was asked the inevitable question – who is the greatest player of all time.

According to him, Michael Jordan is the best player he has ever seen. At the same time, Aldridge admitted that it is difficult to compare the players he has seen play with the likes of Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson and Wilt Chamberlain whom he has not seen play.

“I didn’t see Bill Russell play. I can only go by what people who did see Bill Russell tell me about him. People that I respect and really know the game. And if they say Bill Russell was that good. I’m gonna go ‘OK, Bill Russell was that good.’

“The best guy I’ve seen in 30 years is Michael Jordan. And it’s not particularly close to me. You can make a case for LeBron. LeBron’s great in his way and Kobe was great in his way. They were and they’re great all-time players. Michael’s the best I’ve ever seen.”

David Aldridge