Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has likened Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls team to the Man Utd squad he was part of as a player.

The Premier League outfit has been struggling since Sir. Alex Ferguson stepped down as manager in 2013. But they were by far the most dominant side in English football under his reign. Solskjaer played under Ferguson for 11 years, winning six league titles and two FA Cups, as well as the Champions League. He’s since landed the job as manager but, like everyone else involved in sports, he’s not been able to work as he normally would and has a lot more time for Netflix.

The 47-year-old is a huge fan of The Last Dance and believes the team Jordan led to six championships was similar to his old United side.

“I don’t think I’ve been different to anyone else. You watch TV, you watch series, you’ve got to switch off from football,” he told BBC’s Football Focus in a recent interview. “You find Netflix, you find The Last Dance with Michael Jordan!

“It takes me back to when I was a player and the great team with Sir Alex. Michael Jordan, as a leader, you think Roy Keane straight away. So many similarities to my team seeing that team.

“It’s been inspiring and a great watch.”

Solskjaer’s not wrong in thinking such. The Man Utd of old were perennial winners who played under a legendary manager, led by a fiery Roy Keane whose approach to his discipline was as steely as Jordan’s. The two would have probably been great teammates.