Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE, via Getty Images

NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan full interview with ABC’s Australian Story. You won’t believe MJ’s response when he was told 1994-1998 Chicago Bulls starting center Luc Longley thought his leadership was “carnivorous”!

Interview by Australian Story executive producer Caitlin Shea.

  • 0:00 Q: When you returned to the Bulls after playing baseball there were some news guys on the team, including Luc Longley. What did you think about Luc at that stage?
  • 02:04 Q: Do you think Luc was ready? Did you think he had what it took to work with you to win a championship again?
  • 03:35 Q: So what sort of skills did he need to develop and was it skills or attitude or both?
  • 04:28 Q: Luc was the first Australian in the NBA, what did you think of his Australian-ness?
  • 06:51 Q: What did you think were Luc’s strengths and what did you think Luc’s weaknesses were?
  • 08:59 Q: Were there times that you were aware that Luc was finding some of your criticisms quite tough?
  • 13:38 Q: Luc Longely and struggles with consistency.
  • 22:49 Q: Luc Longley’s omission from The Last Dance.
  • 24:01 Q: Luc describes your leadership style as carnivorous. What do you think about that?
  • 25:12 Q: Post-retirement struggles for both Longley and Jordan
  • 27:38 Q: Was it sad to say goodbye to your teammates like Luc once Chicago Bulls and that team were no more?
  • 29:44 Q: Why did you agree to take time out of your schedule for Luc, to do this interview for Luc?