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Scottie Pippen denies he was upset with Michael Jordan over his portrayal in The Last Dance

Scottie says he's cool with MJ despite the many reports claiming he was angry with his former teammate.

It was widely rumored that Scottie Pippen was upset with Michael Jordan over the way he was portrayed in the Chicago Bulls documentary, The Last Dance, earlier this year. And, to be fair, the Hall of Famer fell off the grid right around the time the series was released.

Many sources claimed Pippen was angry because Jordan called him “selfish” due to his delaying of an off-season surgery in 1997. However, Pippen insists he wasn’t upset and has had communication with MJ since.

“Why would I be offended by anything that happened 30 years ago?” he asked, per the Associated Press. “I wasn’t upset about it.”

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The Last Dance also brought Pippen’s refusal to enter an Eastern Conference semifinal game back to the fore but he claims he was unbothered.

“It didn’t bother me at all,” the former Bulls superstar declared. “It was an opportunity for our younger generation that hadn’t seen or knew anything about basketball in the ’90s.”

Praise went Pippen’s way quite often during the documentary in which Jordan said, “Whenever they speak Michael Jordan, they should speak Scottie Pippen.” Yet the pair of instances portrayed him in a very bad light.

Of course, they’ve done very little to taint his legacy and, fortunately, he isn’t holding a grudge against his former teammate. At least that’s what he says.

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