Steve Nash on playing with Kobe Bryant: “It was an eye-opener”

Kobe Bryant Steve Nash Lakers
Photo: Getty Images/Andrew D. Bernstein

NBA icon Steve Nash spoke about his time in the Los Angeles Lakers and playing alongside the late Kobe Bryant.

Nash spent two seasons with the Lakers, while he also faced Bryant numerous times as a member of the Phoenix Suns.

“Having to share the locker room with him at the end of our career, it was an eye-opener in a sense…I thought of him as a competitor. I thought of him as the competition predominately, so when I came to the Lakers and you could see the worship that young players had for him, it was an eye-opener because I never had that perspective of him.

But that’s exactly how I was with (Michael) Jordan when I came in the league,” Nash told Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes on the All The Smoke podcast.