Week 3 of the Greek Basket League has come to pass, with no big surprises, but with many interesting games, all reviewed below.

Olympiacos – Ikaros Chalkidas 99-61

Olympiacos hosted Ikaros Chalkidas, in a game that turned up to be very easy for the “Reds”, exactly as predicted. The home team created a lead 12-2 early on, and then the game was more like a practice for the Euroleague Champions. Best player for Olympiacos was Stratos Perperoglou, scoring 22 points, with a great 7/7 2-pointers, 1/1 3-pointer and 5/7 free throws. For the away side Asca was the only player who had a decent game, scoring 17 points and grabbing 10 rebs. Coach Bartzokas, gave some rest to his starters, and tried some new tactics that can add depth to the team’s game style.

Panelefsiniakos – Ilisiakos 73-58

Panelefsiniakos defended better, had more solutions offensively and came up with the win, to the game that got the week underway.The first quarter was the most important of the game. The home team started well, their Americans, Ross and Jones, led the offense and the quarter closed with an 8-point lead (24-16). From then on, Ilisiakos didn’t manage to threat the team from Elefsina, but they achived to keep the difference to single digits. Finally the half-time mark found the home team in front 39-32.

At the beginning of the second half, Panelefsiniakos appeared very different, forced a quick pace and quickly took a 12 point lead, that seemed to be enough since Ilisiakos was “stuck in the mud”. MVP of the match was Jones with 15 points and 11 rebounds, while on the other side, no player from Ilisiakos really made the difference.

Aris – AE Nea Kifissia 67-65

Aris despite beign in a bad shape, managed to grab the win, the first this season in “Nick Gallis Hall”. The first quarter ended up in a draw (17-17) since both teams had their 5 minutes in the game. The second quarter begun with Aris stepping up, and making a 9-2 run building a +7 lead, but Kifissia quickly got back in shape. However Aris stayed focused and took a 6-point lead at the half time (37-31) despite Crocker’s great appearance.

The second half was tight, with both teams focusing on defence, Aris played as a team, but Crocker was on fire for Kifissia, keeping the team close.The away side managed to hold on to the game, but a missed three pointer from Sioutis, gave Aris the win. Mvp of the match was Gkikas for Aris with 17(4), while for AENK Crocker performed an “one-man show” with 25p.


PAOK continues to impress both in Greek League and Eurocup. This time “Dikefalos” overtook the obstacle of AGOR in Crete.The game begun with AGOR unable to score, as a result of the defence PAOK played from the start. This factor helped the away team to take an 8-point lead at the half of the second quarter, but AGOR had a good run, cutting the lead to two points by the end of the half (35-33).

The start of the 3rd quarter was the most important moment of the game, since PAOK run a 10-0 run, using pick ‘n’ roll and having Bogris in a great shape.From then on the game was easier for them since Mark Payne was excellent from behind the arc. AGOR didn’t manage to find any solutions against PAOK ‘s defence, the rebound total was clearly in favor of the away team (29-39), and the Cretan team was defeated for first time this season. MVP was Payne with 16 points and 3/3 3p, while on the other side, Rethimno had Kanonidis standing out and leading the offence with 13.

KAO Dramas – Panionios 76-63

KAOD was outstanding, took advantage of Panionios’ fatigue and forced him to his first loss this season both in Greece and Europe. The 1st quarter was an equal one, with KAOD taking a small lead 18-17 at the end of it. However the second quarter was way more intense. KAOD took a 8- point lead (30-22) at the 16th minute, but Panionios returned to the game quickly, the guards of the team led the way and finally “Red and Blue” got a 5 point lead at the end of the half 30-35.

None of the two teams seemed to be able to get in charge during the 3rd quarter, until the 28th minute, when KAOD picked up the pace, running the court quickly and eventually taking a +8 lead at the end of the 3rd. Despite McCollum’s attempt to bring the away side close to KAOD, Nenad Marcovic’s team was patient and managed to walk away with a fair win 76-63, a lot harder that the final score indicates. KAO Dramas had Lajeric in great form scoring 20 points, while for Panionios, that now focuses to the game against Neptunas for Eurocup, McCollum had 17.

Apollon Patras – Kolossos Rhodos 76-66

Apollon played good defence, had a good transition game and forced Kolossos to their third loss in three games this season.The first quarter was a very open one, with both teams scoring consecutive points. The first 10 minutes came to a close with Apollon leading 24-22. Both teams tightened up their defences but none of them took any big lead, and the half ended 41-39 in favor of the home team.

The same pace continued at the second half, the game was physical and no team managed to take any lead bigger than +5 Apollon had 4 minuted before the end of the quarter. The final 10 minutes started with Apollon leading for 3points (57-54), quickly took a 10 point lead that secured the victory for the home side. Apollon Patras had a good game with all the players sharing the rock at offence. Only Bolds scored 25 leading the offence.On the other side, the Rhodians had Stefanidis in a great shape.

AO Trikala – Panathinaikos 68-88

The game that concluded the 3rd week of the Greek Basket League, had no surprises since Panathinaikos easily escaped from Trikala home court. Trikala lost for third time this season and may even face relegation at the end of the season. The away side started strong and closed the first half leading for 17 points. The second quarter had no big difference since Panathinaikos took a +21 point lead (26-47)

Second half gave Argiris Pedoulakis the chance to try new tactics and help the team to have better chemistry on offence. During the 3rd quarter Panathinaikos got a 33 point lead but after that the away team totally switched off the engine. The game ended in a clear 20 point lead for the Greek Champions, with Lasme being the game MVP with a great first half.