Bradley Beal on season’s possible return: “There’s going to be some bad basketball”

Photo by Getty Images

Bradley Beal was one of the brightest stars of the NBA, before the season suspension, as he was having a career year.

The superstar of the Washington Wizards had a 21-game streak, in which he scored at least 25 points having his best run of his career.

Beal was asked about the possibility of returning to the court this season and the way he is preparing himself.

“We haven’t been doing anything for a month, going on two, who knows how long,” Beal said on Lowe Post via

“I think ultimately, not just for me, that plays a factor for everybody in the league. I don’t think anybody can come back and just go from zero to 100 and pick up right where we left off. There’s going to be some bad basketball if that’s the case…”

“For me, I always want to compete and play. It’s a blessing for me at this time. I actually have a gym in my house so I’m still getting my shots up, I’m still getting my work in the weight room so hopefully I can pick up right where we left off if we do resume the season.”