DeMarcus Cousins
Photo: Bleacher Report

DeMarcus Cousins was selected among the NBA players to take part in a new NBA 2K tournament which will last for 10 days. However, things did not go too smooth. NBA 2K star Ronnie 2K (Ronnie Singh) was talking to a colleague, but wasn’t aware his conversation is being live streamed. He was complaining about the fact that Cousins did not receive a streaming device that he was supposed to use.

Ronnie 2K was mad because he thought that the four-time All-Star would not play because of this issue. “That’s assuming that Cousins is such a d-ck, like, I can see him just being, like, I don’t wanna f-cking do this,” he said.

This rant did not go unnoticed by Cousins who responded with the following tweet: