Photo: Houston Rockets/Twitter

Former NBA big man DeMarcus Cousins recently aimed at voters who consistently select Rudy Gobert as a top contender for the NBA MVP award, expressing skepticism about Gobert’s defensive abilities.

Cousins asserted that Gobert’s designation as a potential four-time Defensive Player of the Year doesn’t align with his tendency to be sidelined during critical moments in games.

In Cousins’ view, a player hailed as the premier defender on the league’s top defensive squad should never find himself benched, highlighting what he sees as a contradiction in Gobert’s accolades and performance.

He questioned the rationale behind continuously honoring a player who struggles to remain on the court during crucial playoff matchups, labeling the situation as perplexing.

“You can’t have a potential 4x Defensive Player of the Year who doesn’t finish games. I’m never going to be okay with this. I see things in black and white. If you’re the best defender on the best defensive team, you should never be off the floor,” Cousins said.

“There should never be a scenario where you’re not able to fit into the scheme. That doesn’t make sense. How do we keep awarding this guy who can’t even stay on the floor in the playoffs? This is mind-blowing to me.”