David Fizdale never had any hopes the Knicks were getting Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or Zion Williamson

Photo: dailyknicks.com

David Fizdale never believed the New York Knicks had any chance to sign Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or Zion Williamson.

Fizdale, who was fired by the Knicks, admitted he never ‘allowed’ himself to think any of these three players would join New York.

“I never had my hopes up. I was already thinking step by step. I didn’t want to skip any steps. So I never got to a place where I was saying, we’re getting Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. I never allowed myself to get there.

I never allowed myself to think, we’re getting Zion. I always stayed in a place of, okay, what if the worst happens. And how do we move a team forward if the worst happens.

And so when we got the news that those guys weren’t coming, I had already had my mind moving forward… I always tried to keep my mind in a place of caution, and try to stay two steps ahead of, ‘Okay, if we don’t get those guys, who can take us to a higher plane where maybe next year or two years from now, that next guy is ready to come?” Fizdale said, via The New York Daily News.

Irving and Durant joined the Brooklyn Nets, while Williamson signed with the New Orleans Pelicans.