Udonis Haslem furious with kids partying in Florida amid the coronavirus pandemic

Photo: NBA.com

Udonis Haslem is furious with college kids partying in Florida amid the coronavirus crisis.

CBS aired a segment last week in which students on break in the Miami area appeared to dismiss the pandemic, prioritizing selfish desires over public welfare.

Haslem, a three-time NBA champion with the Miami Heat and an NBA veteran, thinks this attitude is disgraceful and called out “Spring Breakers” for being privileged.

“It’s funny — these kids fly down to places like South Beach for a couple days to party, and they think that’s Miami. But they’ve never seen the real Miami. They’ve never been to Liberty City. They’ve never seen the side of this city that’s living check to check. The side of this city that’s surviving meal to meal.

And let me just tell you something, man — there’s a Liberty City in every city. It’s regular people, with regular struggles. And I don’t know how I can get everyone to listen, but I say this from the bottom of my heart: The people growing up in the real Miami? They’re as vulnerable during this crisis as anybody,” Haslem said in a piece for The Players’ Tribune.

14 NBA people have been tested positive for the coronavirus so far.