Photo credit: Nick Wass/Associated Press

C.J McCollum urged people in the United States and all over the world to take the coronavirus seriously.

The superstar of the Portland Trail Blazers is just the latest NBA player who is telling people to stay inside and protect themselves.

“I think people should definitely take this seriously. Obviously you have the age gaps to where you’ve got kids of spring break wildin’ out, you got a lot of different stuff you’re seeing and that’s just part of that generation and culture of not taking things seriously.

But then you have the people who are following protocol, are staying in the house, especially the people who are more mature.

I’ve left the house four times in the last 15 days now. Once was to get my puppy, one was to get some gas and then I went on two walks. I’ve basically been in the house for almost two and a half weeks,” McCollum said, via Casey Holdahl of