Hollywood stars have a soft spot for court-side seats at NBA arenas and over the past few days some of them have done more than watch the game.

Hollywood stars Tom Hanks, Christopher McDonald, Olivia Wilde and her boyfriend Jason Sudeikis, Ben Stiler and his wife Christine Taylor were all sitting next to each other on the same row in Madison Square Garden during the New York Knicks – Los Angeles Clippers game.

Olivia Wilde showcased her engagement ring to Tom Hanks who was very impressed and even put on his glasses for a closer look.

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(Images courtesy of James Devaney/FilmMagic)

On a funnier note now, Hollywood comedian Will Ferrell assumed security guard duties at the Staples Centre last night, during the Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns game and escorted Shaquille O’Neal outside the arena. The reasons remains unknown to this moment.