Kendrick Perkins on Jim Boylen’s coaching style: “Get that old penitentiary mentality outta here”

Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins was on the Scal And Pals podcast. In a segment called “Should They Be Pissed”, he was asked whether Zach LaVine is right to be pissed at the Bulls head coach Jim Boylen.

Perk made it clear that Chicago star has every right to be mad. He criticized Boylen for his coaching style, calling it “old penitentiary mentality” which could work in high school but not in a pro league.

The question came after a supposed LaVine’s shouting “I have 40 fu-king points” at the coach after being substituted in the fourth quarter. Later former dunk contest winner denied the notion that the quote was aimed at Boylen. Instead, he said it was directed at the OKC’s Dennis Schroder.