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Luka Doncic Dallas Mavericks

Kendrick Perkins calls Luka Doncic “Baby LeBron”

Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic is being compared to the best of the best. Recently, former NBA player and currently NBA analyst...

Kendrick Perkins says what Carmelo Anthony did to Yogi Ferrell is called ‘daddy ball’

The analyst and ex-NBA big man Kendrick Perkins was asked do he feel bad for Yogi Ferrell who was bodied by Carmelo...

Kendrick Perkins says the Lakers will face the Raptors in the Finals this season

Former player and 2008 NBA champion, Kendrick Perkins, predicts which teams will make the 2020 NBA Finals: https://twitter.com/OriginalYoni/status/1197662608331038720?s=20

Kendrick Perkins explains why he likes the Lakers to win the NBA title this...

The analyst and ex-NBA big man Kendrick Perkins details why he thinks the Los Angeles Lakers are absolutely championship contenders this season:

Kendrick Perkins: “Luka Doncic is a baby LeBron James (without the athleticism)”

Point forward Luka Doncic made his fourth 30-point triple-double in his NBA career in the Dallas Mavericks' 103-106 road loss against the...

Rajon Rondo shoots with Jason Kidd and talks smack with former teammate Kendrick Perkins


Kendrick Perkins: “We haven’t seen a duo like LeBron-AD since Kobe and Shaq”

Following the Los Angales Lakers' 123-115 road victory over the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday, former player and 2008 NBA champion, Kendrick Perkins,...
NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers

Kendrick Perkins picks his Top-5 MVP candidates for the 2019/20 season

Former player and 2008 NBA champion, Kendrick Perkins, took to Twitter and picked his Top-5 MVP candidates for the 2019/20 season.

Kendrick Perkins: “LeBron did tell me that he was going to reclaim his throne...

Former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins says LeBron James is on a mission reclaim his throne. Three straight triple...

Kendrick Perkins thinks Warriors should sign Carmelo Anthony, Jamal Crawford

The analyst and ex-NBA big man Kendrick Perkins says the Golden State Warriors should consider free agents Carmelo Anthony or Jamal Crawford...

Kendrick Perkins after Karl-Anthony Towns’ mom yelled at Joel Embiid: “It’s a different time”

Brian Scalabrine and Steve Ceruti talk with NBA champion Kendrick Perkins about the episode when Karl-Anthony Towns' mom wanted to fight Joel...

Kendrick Perkins says Steph Curry is gonna be top 10 All-Time once he finishes...

The analyst Kendrick Perkins was asked to rank Warriors' Steph Curry on the All-Time list: https://twitter.com/957thegame/status/1189305189930622978?s=19

Kendrick Perkins: “Kyrie (Irving) puts up numbers for self-satisfaction”

The analyst Kendrick Perkins talks on the differences between ex-NBA Kobe Bryant and the now-Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving:

Kendrick Perkins: “I think MJ had a little bit too much of his own...

The analyst Kendrick Perkins reacted sharply to Michael Jordan's statement that Warriors guard Steph Curry is 'not a Hall of Famer yet':

Kendrick Perkins says Jamal Crawford is the best vet in free agency

The analyst Kendrick Perkins explains why he thinks a 3x Sixth Man of the Year swingman Jamal Crawford, 39, is the best...

Kendrick Perkins says Kevin Durant is the best offensive player of all time

The analyst Kendrick Perkins shared his thoughts on former Thunder teammate and now-Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant: https://twitter.com/ScalAndPals/status/1182770347269115904?s=20

Kendrick Perkins: “The Lakers need to sign Dwight Howard!”

The analyst Kendrick Perkins thinks the Los Angeles Lakers should sign big man Dwight Howard, who still has a deal with the...

Kendrick Perkins says David Griffin’s problem was not LeBron but Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert

The current New Orleans Pelicans vice president and former Cleveland Cavaliers general manager David Griffin spoke about the challenges of his seven...


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