Ian Mahinmi and Goran Dragic sign new deals

Two European players in the NBA have found new homes to host their talents next season….

Ian Mahinmi has been traded by the Mavericks with destination Indiana in a trade between the two teams, which also included Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones, traded to the Mavs.

Mahinmi will play next four seasons with a contract of $16 million, four-per-year and will be a back-up center, his best suited position in NBA.

Dragic, on the other hand, has inked a lucrative four-year $30 million contract to play with his former team, Phoenix Suns, where he will have to fill the shoes of Steve Nash, not the easiest of the tasks.

If he continues to improve, he could become one of the best in his role, thanks to his big size and athleticism, for his position.