Lamar Odom talks on what he learned from Kobe Bryant


On this weekend’s episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Odom talks on what he learned from Kobe Bryant, plus:

The full episode debuts across the country this weekend (episode preview; weekend TV listings).

Graham: Kobe Bryant, uh, you said a- about him, the two of you had basically nothing in common. Came from very different backgrounds. Uh, and yet you almost immediately liked him. Why?

Odom: Well, you know, I can respect his basketball IQ. And his commitment and persistence, you know, to be the best player at all times, by any means necessary. His never lose mentality, shows on and off the court…You know, being around somebody who wants to win so bad at any costs, you know, hopefully after a short period of time some of that starts to rub off on you. And, you know, I think it shows off in how you practice, how you approach the game, how you mentally grow. When we’re together you have to show that you’re not gonna make the same mistakes over and over. Just by growth, I think that’s how you show it as well.