Anthony Davis doing exactly what he was expected to do for the Lakers

Photo: ClutchPoints

In 39 minutes and 16 seconds of court time on Sunday against the visiting Minnesota Timberwolves, Anthony Davis stood tall. And he made countless big plays to impact the game.

Here’s what appeared on the stat sheet after the Los Angeles Lakers’ 142-125 victory at Staples Center: Davis’ 50 points on 20-for-29 shooting, 10-for-10 on free throws, seven rebounds, six assists, four steals and a block.

It was a masterpiece.

The inimitable Hubie Brown, a coaching and broadcasting legend, offered his opinion of AD’s brilliant game.

With a 21-3 record, it’s not preposterous to say that the Lakers could make a serious run at the Golden State Warriors’ 73-9 record (set in 2015-16), the best of all time.

Great one-two punch

What’s abundantly clear, though, is that the idea of pairing LeBron James, who had 32 points and 13 assists on Sunday, with Davis was the right strategy for the Lakers after several lousy seasons.

Indeed, they form the league’s best one-two punch at the moment.

In a November interview with Dime Magazine, Davis revealed his thoughts on being paired up with LBJ at this stage of his career.

“Our chemistry is great. He’s been a good friend of mine for a while, and I think this has helped build chemistry for the season. He’s a great player, great basketball mind, and it’s easy to play with a guy who’s selfless and wants to win, and only cares about winning,” Davis told the magazine.

“When you have a guy like that, it makes my job a lot easier. We spent a lot of time as a team in the summertime, so now the team’s chemistry is great. Everyone wants to see everyone play well, everyone wants to see everybody be happy, guys are cheering for each other when guys make plays. We’re a happy team, we’re a team that’s excited for everyone and wants to be successful.”

Dime Magazine also asked Anthony Davis this question: “Is there anything that surprised you about being teammates with LeBron now that you’re together on a day-to-day basis?”

Davis responded by saying, “It’s really how selfless he is. Bron really wants to get other guys involved, he don’t really take that many shots unless he has to — sometimes, he takes one or two shots in a whole quarter, trying to get other guys involved. You don’t really see that … you see it when you’re not on the team, but to be in it and to see that he really cares about his teammates and wants everyone to be better around him, it’s something that definitely surprised me.”

Davis’ answers confirms the fact that he respects King James immensely, both as a player and as a person.

Expect more of the same.