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Ed Odeven

Ed Odeven, an Arizona State University graduate, is a veteran sports journalist based in Tokyo. He was the The Japan Times’ longtime chief basketball reporter.


Remembering John Wooden

It’s been nearly a decade since basketball legend John Wooden passed away at age 99 in June 2010. While...

Ross Kreines artfully analyzes the game one tweet at a time

Ross Kreines dishes out keen insights about the game via Twitter. Indeed, it’s an acquired skill.

Recommended reading during basketball’s hiatus due to COVID-19 pandemic

Since there are no NBA or NCAA games -- and the overwhelming majority of pro leagues around the world aren’t playing, --...

Leanne Barrett: New Zealand’s first FIBA agent

Leanne Barrett is a people person. In particular, she enjoys the camaraderie that sports brings to individuals’ lives. She enjoys helping people,...

Darrell Armstrong inducted into Magic Hall of Fame

Orlando Magic fans didn’t celebrate a home victory on Friday night; instead, they celebrated the career of fan favorite Darrell Armstrong before...

Dirk Nowitzki wins Laureus Lifetime Achievement Award

Dirk Nowitzki received the Laureus Lifetime Achievement Award on Monday in Berlin. The 2020 Laureus World Sports Awards brought...

Easy Ed Macauley was MVP of inaugural NBA All-Star Game

Easy Ed Macauley was the only 20-point scorer in the inaugural NBA All-Star Game, which was held on March 2, 1951 at...

Productive bench fuels Oklahoma City Thunder’s success

The Oklahoma City Thunder aren’t at the top of the list of teams expected to contend for a championship this season.

Loyola Marymount to honor Hank Gathers with statue outside Gersten Pavilion

Hank Gathers, one of the best college basketball players of all time, never got the chance to showcase his impressive skills at...

Feb. 5: a day of big moments in NBA history archives a gold mine of information about NBA history, including Feb. 5, a day that marked the start of several stars’...


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