Jonas MaciulisYesterday noon me and some single friends went to the spa to get a good treatment before we hit the beaches with our little bikinis. We waxed any excess body hair, got a face mask and a massage from hot guys with great bodies and strong hands. So we had plenty of time to talk about our favourite subject, men and basketball. Click for more.

So between beauty therapies and while waiting for our turn we went to have a little chilled fresh juice and took the chance to talk about our favourite subject, men! While we all had different taste in men and in qualities men should have, we all agreed on one thing, we all love bad boys!

Some of us like tall and blonde men, some like short and hairy men, some like them with great body-builder-like bodies and others are just crazy for men with beer bellies. I could go on forever, I'm sure that the girls who are reading this understand what I'm saying and I'm sure that the guys who read this all have different qualities.

But when it came to character me and my three best friends agreed, we want bad boys! Someone with hot blood who will stand up to defend his date, who will fight off any other males who want something that belongs to him and someone who is generally dynamic in all aspects of life. And when one of my friends proposed we all mention one man like that I could not resist but to mention a player who I am in love with, Jonas Maciulis!

He is the perfect man, almost 2m tall, muscled, dynamic and most important of all, a bad boy! If you don't believe me, watch this video. (Sorry Omri Casspi!)