Travis Hansen to Real Madrid

Travis HansenAnother great transfer is a fact, or almost a fact, for Real Madrid according to Marca. Travis Hansen is the latest acquisition of the Spanish giants.

The American guard who was set free by Dynamo Moscow due to financial difficulties had interested a number of clubs in Europe, include Euroleague powethouse Olympiacos but it seems that Real Madrid is the one closes to him.

Travis Hansen has a lucrative contract offer in the form of 1+1 and is ready to put his signature on the contract. If he does he will be returning to Spain after the 2005/06 season when he played for TAU leading them to the Final Four.

Hansen, who holds a Russian passport, is 31 years old, stands at 198cm and last season he averaged 16.4 ppg, 4.6 rpg and 3.1 apg in EuroCup with Dynamo Moscow.

Hansen was the third choice of Messina but after he failed to convince either one of Siskauskas and Parker joining Real Madrid he turned to him.