Anadolu Efes players were invited by the club to a concert where a philarmonic ochestra would perform. But little they did know what they were getting into. Watch the video.

As any classical music event, it required by the audience to put on their best outfit, so Efes players put their suits (well, not all of them) and ventured for a night of culture and instagram classics as they posed for each other for quick photos.

Everything was normal until the orchestra started performing a Duman’s tune, under which Efes fans use to chat in their arena. Before the players knew what hit them, the rest of the spectators, who were an organised flahmob, created a pandemonium of chants, Efes flags and scarfs.

Needless to say Efes players were ecstatic and got their phones out to capture the moments. Job well done, Efes marketing department.