Matjaz Smodis It’s official: Matjaz Smodis won’t play for Slovenian NT due to soreness in right foot. After consulting with his American doctor they came to conclusion that he has to rest for at least one month. That means that he will have to skip Qualifying tournament for Olympic Games in Greece. As if this weren't enough later today Gasper Vidmar broke his wrist.

American doctor, who operated my foot in December, confirmed the opinion of my club’s doctors. He advised me to rest for at least one month, basketball activities are not an option. After three or four weeks he’ll give me MRI and further diagnosis but till then the risk is too big. I’m really sorry that I won’t be able to help my teammate. I wish them good luck and I hope they will qualify for OG. I’ll go to Athens to cheer for them if it will be possible.

Only few hour after the disappointing news another bad news came out – Gasper Vidmar, young center from Fenerbahce, who would see increasing minutes after the Smodis' loss, broke his wrist. He will be absent at least three weeks and Qualifying tournament is out of the question.

Substitutes will be known later today or tomorrow. One will be Zaljko Zagorac, second is unknown yet since there is no center left on the substitutes list. All the fans hope that coach Pipan will persuade Erazem Lorbek or Primoz Brezec to play but that’s almost impossible.