France will have to play without Boris Diaw

Boris DiawOne of French national team leaders and Phoenix Suns player Boris Diaw will not represent his country this summer in Eurobasket 2009 qualifying games against Belgium, Turkey and Ukraine. Diaw decided to take a break this year.

Here's what he had to say to the French magazine L'Equipe: "I will not be able to be there.

"My club is not in favour of it. It´s a firm and definite decision.

"I have not stopped playing with the national team for 14 years. I have played in every competition, whether for the juniors or seniors, but I can no longer play 12 months out of 12 every year. I need a break."

"The French national team has a reservoir of players that are strong and capable of qualifying," he said.

"I am not ruling out going to support them during my holiday if I can."

Another French star Tony Parker has already declared that he will not play for the national team this summer.

Diaw averages 10.5 points per game in NBA this season.