Photo: Peter Baba

Anthony Edwards is planning to travel to France to train with teammate Rudy Gobert, who joined the team last summer after being traded from the Jazz, according to Chris Hine of Star Tribune.

The 2022-23 NBA season ended for the Timberwolves in April, and Edwards plans to spend most of his summer in Minnesota. However, the young basketball star hinted at the possibility of some international travel in his future, including the potential to play in the 2023 FIBA World Cup for Team USA.

Edwards and Gobert had some visible communication issues on the court in the past, particularly during screen and roll games. But Edwards insisted that he and Gobert had a great understanding and that he trusts Gobert’s skills. Edwards said he plans to work with Gobert to improve his catching and jump hooking skills, and Gobert has offered to cover all expenses for their training sessions in France.

It remains to be seen when Edwards and Gobert will travel to France, but Edwards is looking forward to the opportunity to work on his game and build a better connection with his teammate.