Zeljko Obradovic victim of bulglary

Zeljko Obradovic fell a victim of skilled burglars on Wednesday night, as he discovered, after returning home from a late night outing.

The burglars will be extremely happy with their loot as they manage to steal jewelery worth of 50K euros and cash of around 45K euros Furthermore they also found the keys to a brand new 200K euros worth Porsche, in which they drove away.

Obradovic was out celebrating Panathinaikos’ win over AJ Milano and winning Group D of Euroleague with friends, until late, and there was no one at home. Upon his return the Serbian coach discovered that some of his most valuable possessions were missing. 

Police was called on scene and dusted for fingertips, and finding the Porsche is a priority right now as it is more likely to be recovered than the rest, as it is the latest model, equipped with the latest GPS and anti-theft systems.