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Zeljko Obradovic and his family will return to Serbia

With the basketball season on pause, Zeljko Obradovic will return to Serbia with a government-arranged flight. The Turkish League announced the suspension...
Nando De Colo Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce reacts to reports regarding issues with payment to players, Zeljko Obradovic

Fenerbahce officially reacted to reports about issues with payment to the players and head coach Zeljko Obradovic. The Deputy...
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Zeljko Obradovic reacts to coronavirus outbreak

Zeljko Obradovic, the head coach of Fenerbahce, shared his thoughts on the outbreak of the coronavirus. "It’s very difficult...
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Zeljko Obradovic disappointed with Fenerbahce players following painful loss to Khimki

Zeljko Obradovic was not happy with Fenerbahce players and their performance in the 82-68 loss to Khimki on Friday night.
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Zeljko Obradovic ‘disappointed’ with Fenerbahce players after blowout loss to Real Madrid

Zeljko Obradovic was not satisfied at all with Fenerbahce players following the blowout loss to Real Madrid at home (65-94).
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce vice president on Zeljko Obradovic: “He will continue with us for as long...

Fenerbahce vice president Semih Ozsoy said Zeljko Obradovic will remain with the Turks for as long as he wants to.
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Zeljko Obradovic on another Fenerbahce loss: “There’s no way we can go on like...

Fenerbahce head coach Zeljko Obradovic said his team needs to make many changes in order to return to the winning track.
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Zeljko Obradovic: “We need to decide whether we want to fight and win or...

Fenerbahce head coach Zeljko Obradovic stated that his players have to change their mentality in order to turn things around.

Ergin Ataman on Fenerbahce: “Their place in the standings does not show their real...

Ahead of Thursday's (12/12) clash, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman praised Zeljko Obradovic and Fenerbahce. “Fenerbahce Beko has...
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce denies rumours about Zeljko Obradovic’s future

Fenerbahce released a statement and denied the rumours regarding the future of head coach Zeljko Obradovic. According to the...

Aito Garcia Reneses on TalkBasket: A legendary coach “a little bit ahead of his...

To those who breathe and live through European basketball, Aito Garcia Reneses is more than a coach with a prolific career.
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce’s Zeljko Obradovic on the loss to Armani Milano: “We did nothing of what...

The head coach of Fenerbahce, Zeljko Obradovic, was very disappointed with his players following the loss to Armani Milano (87-74).
Messina Obradovic

Ettore Messina victorious in clash with Zeljko Obradovic – EuroLeague Week 4 Roundup

Ettore Messina was victorious in the battle with Zeljko Obradovic, as Armani Milano handed Fenerbahce its third loss in the EuroLeague.

TalkBasket Blog – EuroLeague Round 2: Olympiacos triumphant in the post-Blatt era

The second round of the EuroLeague came to an end on Friday (11/10) and TalkBasket presents the five things that stood out.
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Zeljko Obradovic sets all-time low with back-to-back defeats

For the first time in 18 years, a team coached by Zeljko Obradovic started the EuroLeague season with back-to-back defeats.
Joffrey Lauvergne

Zeljko Obradovic on Joffrey Lauvergne: “He has a big wish to come back. We...

The head coach of Fenerbahce, Zeljko Obradovic, addressed the condition of Joffrey Lauvergne and his return to action. "If...

Željko Obradović: “My team surprised me”

The Head coach of Fenerbahce Beko, Željko Obradović, was shocked after his team's loss to Crvena Zvezda (68-56) in the "Štark" Arena.
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Zeljko Obradovic: “We are in talks with our management for one possible addition”

Fenerbahce head coach Zeljko Obradovic confirmed that the team will add another player in the frontline. Here is what...
Leo Westermann Zalgiris Kaunas

Leo Westermann: “I didn’t have to think a second time when I got the...

Leo Westermann talked about his decision to join Fenerbahce, while he also praised the head coach of the Turkish team, Zeljko Obradovic.

Gigi Datome on TalkBasket: “My dream right now is Fenerbahce. I’m too old for...

Amidst a successful playing career, Luigi Datome recently decided to write his own book, titled "Gioco come sono" ("I play the way...
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Zeljko Obradovic: “I am very happy and satisfied at Fenerbahce”

The head coach of Fenerbahce, Zeljko Obradovic, said he is happy at the Turkish club and is not considering a move to...
Zeljko Obradovic

Manos Papadopoulos on Zeljko Obradovic and Sarunas Jasikevicius: “They will always be part of...

Panathinaikos president, Manos Papadopoulos, referred to the club's relationship with Zeljko Obradovic and Sarunas Jasikevicius. Here is what the...
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Zeljko Obradovic: “I am very proud that I send players to the NBA”

Fenerbahce Beko head coach Zeljko Obradovic in his interview with BEin said he is proud that his players heading to the NBA:...
Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

Zeljko Obradovic: “We didn’t play our basketball in the Final Four for various reasons”

Feenrbahce head coach Zeljko Obradovic was disappointed with his team's results in the 2019 EuroLeague Final Four. Here is...


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