Cibona bring back Giricek

Cibona have signed veteran Croatian star Gordan Giricek, who could make his debut against Partizan in a a few days.

Giricek signed a contract until the end of season. The 33 year old is returning to Cibona after nine years. He was a “Ciboci” form 1993 to 2001 in the start of his career, before moving to CSKA Moscow and later on making the jump to NBA.

The signing was made possible after a new administration, led by the City of Zagreb, took over the club. Their aim is to liquidate a percentage of the commercial holdings Cibona owns around the arena and with that money repay old debts and reinforce the squad qith quality signings.

Giricek could make his debut even on next Tueasday, when Cibona takes on Partizan for the Adriatic League 13th round. The projected salary of the player is around 40K euros per month.