Ostoja Mijailovic Partizan Andrea Trinchieri
Photo: Partizan

Partizan president Ostoja Mijailovic referred to his team being a frontrunner for the EuroLeague wild card.

Here is what Mijailovic said, per Basketball Sphere:

On the wild card: “Not only because of the historical values ​​and the fact that we will play matches in the “Arena”, but Partizan is also a club that functions as a serious system.

We are ready for every decision of the Euroleague Board because we are at the level of the biggest European clubs.”

On coach Andrea Trinchieri: “We want the coaching continuity. Trinchieri will, together with director Loncar, have the freedom in making the roster, along with a good budget.

Such a thing is possible after we have repaid a lot of debts, and we regularly service agreements. We will solve the issue of tax debt and there will be no ‘sword on the neck’ anymore.”