ImageFollowing the trend of many basketball players owning a personal website, star of the Toronto Raptors, Andrea Bargnani, finally has his own website called

It features a blog, pictures on and off-court, a biography, a news section and various other information. Here is the inaugural statement by Bargnani:

"Finally, me and my website: a lot of fans have constantly asked me how it was possible that I didn't have one, especially since I’ve started to play in the NBA! The truth is, with tons of things to do, I've always missed out on stuff not directly related with basketball, games and trainings because I couldn’t and I can’t allow myself any distractions. Indeed, I’m quite afraid cause I could be forced to leave the blog aside for a while sometimes…but I've decided to give it a try. Instead, I promise that I will regularly answer to the mails you will send (as I’m often doing by my facebook profile)…it's impossible to answer all the mails but, certainly, when it will start to be -30C in November, I’m sure that I will find some time to answer them all!! This site was born because of my desire to communicate more with my fans (I can only do better now) and to satisfy my fans curiosities about this great world called the NBA that I’m glad to live in; a world that seemed to be something so abstract when I was in Italy.

So, welcome to my website. Stay tuned!!