Gianni Petrucci: “Virtus Bologna will play in the EuroCup”

Photo: Twitter/Basketball Champions League

The president of the Italian Basketball Federation Gianni Petrucci said Virtus Bologna will play in the EuroCup next season.

Here is what Petrucci told Gazzetta Dello Sport:

“I’m sorry and disappointed. Nullifying a contract to play in the Champions League also next year, Virtus slapped both FIBA and FIP, which is a part in the reason of that agreement.

One year ago, Bologna acquired a wild card with our mediation so as to re-join the cups. Only two months before winning the cup, and without the certainty of being able to participate there next year, Virtus acquired a second wild card.

Along with that success, they cashed in an one million euros reward, but now they want to move to another table despite a signed contract.

No, we cannot take measures against clubs for such incidents. I will not ask Virtus for anything, they are the ones to act with common sense. In this case, FIBA should think about protecting themselves.”