Cajasol fails to qualify for Copa del Rey

Real Madrid won (75-89) a very tough game against Cajasol, and it was not until the very end of the game when they could really get an important advantage on the score. The best players were Tucker and Paul Davis, while Mirotic decided the game in the shadows. By the way, Cajasol said goodbye to a spot in Copa del Rey.


In the end, it seemed that Real Madrid didn’t take that game much seriously. Every time that Cajasol tried to get some advantage, Real made a bigger effort to maintain the leadership. So it was all the same during all forty minutes.

Anyway, it was a great basketball game. Only a couple of players could score more than ten points, which is really strange in a game with so many good players. In fact, only Bullock and Paul Davis (unstoppable) in Cajasol and Prigioni, Mirotic, Tomic and Tucker (26 points, we miss you so much) scored significantly.

Davis showed why he is one of the top centers in the league, dunking anytime he could and scoring in so many different ways, and Nikola Mirotic played his best game by far this season. Ivanov just couldn’t stop him, and that’s saying a lot for a guy who is only nineteen years old. He’s tall, fast, and not afraid to play inside and with such great confidence that he goes to the basket no matter who is in front of him. He proved not to be a young prospect anymore. He’s here to stay.

Talking about the game, it’s pretty obvious that Cajasol needs a good point guard. Satoransky is too young, Popovic still doesn’t understand the team very well and Calloway will be three more weeks away from court. It was impossible for the team to beat Real Madrid because in the hot moments, the team didn’t know how to play. Yesterday Tariq Kirksay would have been a great help yesterday, because he’s the best point guard that the team has right now.

75 – Cajasol (18+22+24+11): Satoransky (6), Bullock (11), Sastre (5), Ivanov (3), Davis (28) -starting five-, Popovic (5), Triguero (6), Cabanas (-), Urtasun (4), Katelynas (7)

89 – Real Madrid (21+23+21+24): Sergio Llull (4), Tucker (26), Carlos Suárez (7), Velickovic (2), Tomic (14) -starting five-, Prigioni (17), Felipe Reyes (-), Mirotic (19), Rodríguez (-), Sergi Vidal (-), Fischer (-)