Photo: Twitter/Partizan

Partizan head coach Andrea Trinchieri stated that Vassilis Spanoulis is the best pick and roll player he has ever coached.

Here is what the Italian coach said during his lecture at the University of Sports Union “Nikola Tesla”, per SportsKlub:

“Vassilis Spanoulis (is the best pick and roll player). He may not be the most talented but I’ve never seen a mentally stronger player. Well, I didn’t have a chance to coach Sasa Danilovic.

Spanoulis can shoot eight horrible balls, and then hit the ninth, the most important one. He’s not hurt by any misses, he only thinks about how to hit the next one.

Pick ‘n’ roll is very important, I’ve built half of my career on it but it’s not the same now. Now, there is various software which can show how much each system is being played. So, for example, pick ‘n’ roll is played 25 percent of the time in EuroLeague.”