Image Cajasol lost against Cai Zaragoza a very important game for their main target this season: to stay next year in ACB league. Great game by Quinteros and Larry Lewis gave the win to the visiting team with a result of 75-79.

It seems this could be the last season of Cajasol playing in ACB league. At least there are no reasons to think the other way. The team is very fragile emotionally, and it took a 2-3 zonal defense in the second half by Cai Zaragoza to loose and advantage of fourteen points, after a great first quarter.

The team started playing really well with Pedro Rivero as a leader. It's clear that DeJuan Collins is no longer the great player he was once. Anyway, the game was very fast, scoring easy baskets, and while Cajasol played like a team, it was Quinteros who had to take responsability to keep his team in the game.

Things changed drastically at the end of the second quarter, and it would continue being the same in the entire second half. Visiting coach Curro Segura tried a zonal defense to stop fast baskets of Cajasol, and not only stopped that "run and gun" game, but all the offensive production of his rival. It was as simple as that. A zonal defense and the game was won.

Of course, it helped that vet Larry Lewis scored three consecutive three-pointers from the same place on the last quarter to give a definitive advantage to his team. Everybody in the arena asked how could that be possible. Three consecutive baskets, all the same, without doing nothing?

These are the facts right now in Seville. An historical team like Cajasol is still at the bottom of the league, and the worst of all is that nobody in the club seems to be worried about that. While all the other teams are looking for some players to improve their situation, here in Seville everything is so quiet. De Miguel got injured some weeks ago, and there is no replacement for him after that time, they haven't found yet the definitive point guard to replace Collins (who is clear that won't finish the season)… So now, all that's left to say is "enjoy while you can", because who knows when Seville will see again a basketball team in the top league in Europe…

75 – Cajasol (26+20+10+19): Rivero (5), Ellis (8), Miso (6), Caner-Medley (11), Triguero (15) -starting five-, Pecile (10), Ignerski (6), Ilic (4), Collins (7), Savanovic (3)

79 – CAI Zaragoza (20+19+18+22): Victoriano (6), Quinteros (23), Guerra (2), Lewis (19), Garcés (7) -starting five-, Phillip (15), Green (-), Pérez (2), Arteaga (2), Lescano (3), Starosta